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Lebenbauf – Composite panels

54684110_2 Polymer composite panel made of PVC

Furniture LBF panels laminated with decorative wood PVC film can be executed in a different  palette of colors, such as American oak, Italian walnut, beech, wenge, alder, maple and other colors. These panels can be used as a material for the manufacture of furniture, kitchen, dressing room, bathroom furniture, dressing rooms, wall decorative panels and elements.

  • Does not crack or deform, it does not twist under the influence of environmental conditions, salt water or weak alkalis and acids (chlorine).
  • Complete absence of problems with rot and mold. In the production process, the PVC sheet is covered with a film of polymers, which protects them from the effects of bacteria and fungi and keeps the attractive appearance of the product for a long period of use. At the same time, the coating does not require lacquer, special impregnation, or other special means.
  • Increased mechanical strength (up to 350 kg per square meter), allowing to install any heavy objects on it. Composite sheet can be sawed, planed, in decking it is possible to drive nails and turn self-tapping screws.
  • Persistent color of the board even with prolonged exposure to ultraviolet is provided by quality dyes during its production.
  • The PVC board is environmentally friendly, because high-quality polymers do not emit volatile substances into the atmosphere and do not have an unpleasant smell.
  • Simplicity in processing and installation, as well as comfort and safety in operation (smooth rippled surface eliminates such troubles as gliding and splinters).
  • Fire safety - the material does not support combustion.
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