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Lebengruppe offers a wide range of innovative products of the Lebenkrom, Lebenlass, Lebenboard, Lebenbauf (Leibenbauf), Lebendoors and Lebenstone trademarks. All products of Lebengruppe are produced on the most modern equipment, which is available today.

Lebenkrom - this is a new brand of edges. We offer an edge ideal for any modern decorative surface.

Lebenglass – plexiglas, optical transparent solid material. It is more than twice as light and ten times stronger than ordinary glass. Lebenglass's plexiglass has excellent heat and sound insulation properties. It can not only be bent, but can also give it almost any shape.

Lebenboard – PVC plastic, is widely used in construction and is considered almost ideal material for outdoor advertising. Lebenboard sheet processing does not cause any special difficulties. With the right approach, there are no problems in order to manufacture details of complex shape.

Lebenbauf (LBF) this is our innovative product - sheet panels for furniture and building industry. LBF is the most modern type of strong composites. Unlike traditional MDF and chipboard, our LBF is durable, thermo and moisture resistant, easy to install and, moreover, environmentally friendly.

Lebendoors - WPC doors on PVC base are represented by a wide range, the main advantage of which is high strength, manufacturability, thermal and moisture resistance. Lebendoors doors have a special exterior coating, which gives reliability, external aesthetics and promises a long service life. In addition, Lebendoors doors are environmentally friendly, which allows them to be installed in kindergartens, hospitals and other public institutions.

Lebenstone – this is a new word in the furniture industry for the manufacture of countertops. Waterproof and wear-resistant countertops have a wide color palette of artificial stone, imitating various colors and textures of natural stone.

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