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Lebendoors – Interior doors


Lebendoors - a new product in the market of Uzbekistan, which deserves attention. They have a nice appearance, which will complement any interior, high service life. Made of quality material.

What does Lebendoors look like and what is their main difference from conventional interior doors?


Doors are made of WPC - wood-polymer composite, based on PVC.

The composition of the material includes 3 components:

  • Crushed wood (flour) - from 30 to 80%. For cheaper manufacturers use as a filler rice husks, seed cakes.
  • Thermoplastic polymer (PVC).
  • Modifiers in the amount of 0-5%. Special chemical components that improve the properties of the resulting material.

The use of WPC in the manufacture of doors is a new word in the Uzbek market, it is an innovative technology, unlike traditional wood and MDF. The properties of this material determine the high performance and environmental friendliness of the door. Additional rigidity of the box due to the texture. There is no metal amplifier. Ability to use as a threshold for the entire contour of the canvas. Increases the airtightness and sound insulation of the door unit. A rubber seal is fitted around the perimeter of the box, matched to the color of the box, for additional noise insulation.

In Uzbekistan, we organized the production relatively recently - in 2017.

The properties of the material exceeds the natural wood and is close to the ceramic tile. Products made of wood-polymer composite have unique properties that ensure a long service life. The material is moisture resistant, does not crack and does not warp, does not react with metal, which will prevent corrosion of hardware and fasteners.

Doors Features

Interior Lebendoors have significant advantages:

  • Not subject to deformation and cracking.
  • Do not be afraid of weak acids (chlorine) and alkalis.
  • Water and moisture resistant.
  • You can forget about rot, fungus, mold, bacteria.
  • Do not require treatment with special means (lacquer, impregnation, etc.).
  • Do not fade.
  • Eco-friendly.
  • Are distinguished by increased strength.
  • WPC is a fireproof material.

Sufficiently convincing list of properties and features to pay attention when choosing interior doors exactly on Lebendoors.

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